Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

My skin seems to be behaving itself for all days except during the menses time..Around 1 week before I get my menses,I will start getting my pimples which really irritated me..This week suddenly when I woke up,I seem to have a large pimple on my face..Something that I was not expecting at all so I decided to try the TBS Tea Tree Oil sample I got as sample when I bought other stuffs few weeks back..

This is how my pimple looked like on Day 1 :

It looks big but not sure why it is looking small in the photo..

Day 2 :

What Body Shop Claims :

"Our best-selling Tea Tree Oil is a natural, targeted solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without over-drying the skin. Renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, the Tea Tree Oil also helps to soothe blemished skin."

Ingredients :

Community Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya - an ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, an infusion perfect to help blemished skin

Tamanu Oil from Madagascar - traditionally used to promote healthy-looking skin and has fantastic skin moisturising properties

Lemon Tea Tree from Kenya - Anti-bacterial to give the products a zesty fragrance

Price : SGD 18.90 for 10ml

How to use it :

Wash your face then toner & moisturize before applying TBS Tea Tree Oil..Take a bit of the oil onto ur fingertips and apply on the blemishes

.If you are a housewife or staying at home most of the time,u can use it twice to thrice a day but if you are a working person like me then it is best to apply at night before sleeping..I usually apply after cleaning,moisturising & then the TBS Tea Tree Oil.

As you can see from the last photo that it is a transparent liquid oil with tea tree oil smell which was a bit too strong for me at first but now after applying it for few weeks,I am used to the smell that it does not matter to me anymore..

My Thoughts

It did work for me but not fully as compared to nixoderm..I applied nixoderm on Day 4 and on Day 5 the pimple literally reduce a lot that it is small I cannot see it..I will definitely still use this in conjuction with NIXODERM.

Only thing I wished they will change the packaging to a pump like bottle which will cause less spillage..

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Few days was in a real pissed off mood due to some fucked up problems..

I decided to go for lunch at PIzza Hut @ Funan IT Mall but when I entered,I saw a WATSONS sale going on and thought of just looking and not buying..The moment I saw NYX cosmetics & ELF,I decided to splurge a bit.I went through every single product and took second look at the one I was interested..I bought the following :

1) 2 NYX Jumbo Pencil(white matte & black - SGD 12.90 each)plus 1 sharperner (SGD 9.90) - multiple uses for it


2) 2 China Glaze Nail Polish (SGD 9.90) - Will be doing a look on it soon

3) ELF Total Face Brush - Was not planning to get it.I was leaning more to Real Techniques..


 4) ELF Brow Comb & Brush 

  5) ELF Smudge Eye Sponge - Feel this is a necessity if u wanna smudge ur eyeshadow


  6) Last but not least ELF Brightening Eye Color - looking for natural color (not shiny but matte)


   When I went to make the payment for these,I cannot believe that it came upto total of SGD 80..The NYX 
    Jumbo Pencil was a rip off,I could get that for SGD 4.50 each excluding shipping charges..A lesson learnt 
    learnt though not to go buy cosmetics or anything when we are in the wrong mood..


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I am back with another new eyeshadow..It is called LAKME EYESHADOW QUARTETS.They have 4 different ranges of this & I got the Botanica(more like I got my cousin in law from Kerala to get it for me)..

What it claims: A heavenly quartet of radiant powders explode to color, shape and highlight your eyes. Inspired by the mysteries of the forest, these botanical shades usher in a rush of fresh color! Brighten your eyes with dewy green, petal pink and gold pastels.

Price : Not sure since my CIL(cousin in law) got for me 

All the colors look shimmery whereas beige kind of turned out it to be a tad of disappointment as it was not the type of color I thought it will reflect on my eyes..  

On my finger tips

On my arm

I am wearing the white/beige color on my eyes right now(not enough time to use all the eyshadows..This is what happens when you take very long to apply makeup & run late for work).I have applied it with UD Eyeshadow Primer..It seems to last till now which is around 6hrs..

Final Verdict : I will buy it again but not this one..Looking at Tanjore Rush from Lakme Ofice 9 to 5 Range..The sponge applicator given is of no use at all..Didnt seem strong enoug.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid Year Wish List

Here I am going to write down my wish list for the next six months :

  1. TBS MakeUp Remover Gel - Oil version is used by my sis & it is damn good but I would rather use gel version

     2.  Forest Essentials Bhring Raj oil

photo courtsey : Forest Essentials India Website

      3.   Forest Essentials Walnut Facial Scrub sample size(gotta see if it suits my oily skin or not)

photo courtsey : Forest Essentials India Website

       4.  Zatchel sling bags - After seeing a blog,I am hoping to get this once I save enough money or if
            someone sponsor to buy me :D..Definitely not going to buy from Singapore becz it is too ex..Will get 
            my friend to buy and ship to me :D

photo courtsey : Zatchel Singapore

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Hey everyone !
Here are the rules to do this tag:
1. State who the tag was created by: The Beau Bow
2. Tag five beauty bloggers, and
3. Title this like I have done to state what the tag is about.

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.
One should be sunscreen and another one is to use mask on weekly basis..Something that I should start sticking by ASAP..
2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?  
Wash it on weekly wise
3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?
Not for long..I remove them once it starts chipping..As for toe nails,it tends to last quite long
4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (i.e., top coat, foundation and so on)?
Longest would be one month especially if I am on budget..
5. What is your worst beauty habit?
Not applying eyeshadow properly when I am been rushed..
6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time.
Nothing for now..:)
7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
I like getting ready early becz if I am rushed then I wont be able to achieve the look that I need..
8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Yes of coz..Right now I put myself on tight ban since my CC went over the expected(my own expectation) limits..
9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections? 
Makeup is kept inside a makeup poach & I need to get a second one looking at the amount of makeup collection(for eyes especially)..
10. What is the longest time you’ve gone without writing a blog post? 
Around 2 weeks I guess..Could say I was totally zonked out with work & my 3yr old son who is so active..

And everyone else who’s reading this, is tagged to do it! Do share the link with me, I’d love to read your answers :)