Thursday, June 27, 2013

SleekMakeUp Ultra Matte V1

I am back with eyeshadow makeup product review..The brand is none other than SLEEKMAKEUP which seems to be gaining popularity among all makeup lovers..I got to know about this product only this year January and after few months I decided to try one of the eyeshadow palette..

I should say that they took around 3 weeks to give me the product..I was disappointed because when you have a website you should have tracking number when doing delivery.If I am not wrong,now they should have it..

Sleek Makeup eyeshadow I DIVINE are 12 shades of high-quality, super pigmented eyeshadow which will suit every skin tone..After going through all the colors,I decided on Ultra Matte V1.It comes with an applicator which I threw away after few use finding that it was totally useless..

This is how it looks on my medium skin tone..

Left to Right(Top part of the palette):

Chill, Pout,Sugarlite,Dragon Fly, Pucker, Baam!

Left to Right(Bottom part of the palette):

Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!

As you can see that the top part of the palette,it seems to be more outstanding than the bottom part.But when applied to my eyes,the following colors come out as shown in the photo:

  • Pout
  • Sugarlite
  • Dragon Fly
  • Pucker
  • Bolt
  • Strike

The remaining ones does not seem to be showing much of colors..The unmentioned colors can be used on the crease if you are the sort of person who likes to go neutral..The remaining power for all of the colors are long lasting..It did last on me from my 9 to 5 job and till I reached  home.

I use Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime before applying the eyeshadow.SO far I find that UDPP is the best..

My intake will be I can use this for both office & party looks though I wished all the colors came out as shown on the palette.A tad of disappointed though..

Price: USD 9.99(total will come to SGD 20 including shipping charges)

If you are wondering if you should take it or not,I would say go for it & why not give it a try..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautyfull Journey 1st Giveaway

Beautyfull Journey's 1st birthday..Go to this website to enter & is opened only to Indian Residents..

Subscribe to her post as well as she gives really good reviews on it and it can b e trusted..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Need help..

I am going to attach a photo that I found on the website which is somewhat like mine..Is it possible to tell me what is this?Acne scar or did that come about because I never use sunscreen?I have this for few years..

Have been trying to get rid of this but to no avail..Really hate the sight of it..

Monday, June 10, 2013


I always get pimples whenever I am approaching menses day..No matter what I tried didnt seem to work on my face.I remember complaining it to my friend about those pimples & she told me to try NIXODERM which she has been using since her teens till current date..So I decided to go get one from the store near my house and tried it on.


It is a cream that is meant for pimples,ringworm of skin and scalp,blackheads & rashes.It is effective at reducing acne/blemishes due to the Salicyclic Acid and the yellow Sulfur it contains.

Benzoic Acid 6%, salicylic Acid 2.5%, Titanium Dioxide 10%, Menthol 1.1%, Precipitated Sulphur 4.6% in a soothing emollient base.

It comes in a small green round tub which was difficult to open at first.


I apply this on my face before going to sleep and the smell is really strong for those who cannot take in very heavy smell..As for me,I didnt mind the smell at all..Apply only on the pimples and be careful if u apply too much then it will sting like hell..For first time application, it will sting for around 5 to 10min after which the sting will disappear.

It did help on my pimples to make it look invisible or smaller..If you have stubborn acne then it might take time for it go away..Like for me,I started applying this on last thur and will apply daily for 7 days then stop for 3 days then continue for 7 days till it clears out.


- Heals pimples in few days if there is no stubborn ones
- Very cheap


- Yucky feeling


P.S. Just because this works on me does not mean it will work on you.Buy a small one and try it out before purchasing a big one..

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chanel Le Crayon Kohl by Chanel

It is TGIF already so I thought of doing a post today before winding up for weekend.I know I did say on FB that I will  blog on one makeup beauty but I didnt manage to as I was busy doing stuffs & meeting up with friends plus by the time I came home I had to fetch my son from school and next thing I knew I was having a nap while my maid bath my son..

The kohl I am going to write about today will be Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil.

It claims : 

"Create a sensual, intense eye look with ease. This smudgy, creamy-smooth eye pencil delivers a dose of decadent color that glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully. In an instant, eyes are perfectly lined, defined and contoured for a smoldering effect that’s absolutely irresistible."

Le Crayon Kohl is one kohl that I have been using for the past 2 yrs without fail..It usually last me for about 2 to 3 months depending on the usage.How I started loving this was one day I ran out of kohl to use and told mom to lend me hers.So when I tried it on,I fell in love with it..It was really very black and intense with just one application..It does not smudge for me though there are some who claims that it smudges and it just appears on ur eyes nicely.By the time I reach home,it usually disappears which I have no problem with unless otherwise I am going to go out.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April to May Makeup List

Hey everyone

I am back with 2 months beauty products that I bought..Been a really hectic month as hubby was moving out of Singapore to another country for work which obviously left me no time to do blogging at all..Been upto my neck with my son and my work..

Here is the photo of the products :

Currently I have kept myself on makeup band as I have already purchased quite a lot of stuff..Three to four products are yet to arrive from NYX brand and one product from Silkygirl.

 Chanel Kohl -  The best so far I have used and have been using this for like past four years and I keep  repurchasing this one everytime I run out of kohl..No other products so far can match this kohl.

Lake Eyeliner - Not a bad product so far but not going to repurchase this again..

Pricing : SGD 10

Loreal Color Riche - I am simply in love with the colors(not that bright though) and works best when applied with proper eyeshadow primer..Will give it a miss as I wanna try other eyeshadows available in the market.

Pricing : SGD 23.80

Loreal Super Liner - The staying power of this eyeliner is good but it aint smudgeproof..If u happy to cry and wipe ur tears,the line gets smudge..Just wished that Loreal made it smudgeproof.

Pricing : SGD 19

MAC Concealer - Color is right but not in love with this at all..Feel that I made a total big mistake of not checking out the reviews before buying..One big negativity in this for me is that it makes me break out into pimples so I now got to go find out another brand for concealer..Thinking of checking out MUFE(Make Up Forever)..It is becoming my fav no 1 brand for past few months..

Pricing : SGD 30

MAC Veronica Strawberry Malt - Done the review right here..Loving it totally..

Pricing : SGD 28

   Maybelline Extreme Long Stiletto - This mascara is called extreme long and it does what it claims..

   Pricing : SGD 26

 SAVEE EYESHADOW - Bought this for SGD 1/- when it was going on for sale.Not that shimmery as expected.

Pricing : SGD 1

Sleek Makeup Eyeshdaow (Ultra Matte V1)- Latest edition to the makeup family..Got it around 2 weeks back..Still exploring the colors..

Pricing : USD 9.99

 Stila Prime Pot - Not meant for oily lids..Does not seem to work on me..Any suggestions for eyeshadow primer for oily lids? Got this for free when hubby bought some cosmetics for me when he was working as SAP BW/BI Consultant at one of the distributors office.

   The Body Shop Blusher - Best one out there for me..

    Pricing : SGD 19

   Finally :


   NIXODERM - My true pimple saver..Cheap and works the best on my pimples.

   Pricing : SGD 3.80

That is all for my list for past two months..Shall be reviewing all the products one by one..

P.S. Finished everything from transferring photos from picasa to dekstop,editing and writing this article within 4hours and that too during office hours..Hehehehe..