Monday, June 10, 2013


I always get pimples whenever I am approaching menses day..No matter what I tried didnt seem to work on my face.I remember complaining it to my friend about those pimples & she told me to try NIXODERM which she has been using since her teens till current date..So I decided to go get one from the store near my house and tried it on.


It is a cream that is meant for pimples,ringworm of skin and scalp,blackheads & rashes.It is effective at reducing acne/blemishes due to the Salicyclic Acid and the yellow Sulfur it contains.

Benzoic Acid 6%, salicylic Acid 2.5%, Titanium Dioxide 10%, Menthol 1.1%, Precipitated Sulphur 4.6% in a soothing emollient base.

It comes in a small green round tub which was difficult to open at first.


I apply this on my face before going to sleep and the smell is really strong for those who cannot take in very heavy smell..As for me,I didnt mind the smell at all..Apply only on the pimples and be careful if u apply too much then it will sting like hell..For first time application, it will sting for around 5 to 10min after which the sting will disappear.

It did help on my pimples to make it look invisible or smaller..If you have stubborn acne then it might take time for it go away..Like for me,I started applying this on last thur and will apply daily for 7 days then stop for 3 days then continue for 7 days till it clears out.


- Heals pimples in few days if there is no stubborn ones
- Very cheap


- Yucky feeling


P.S. Just because this works on me does not mean it will work on you.Buy a small one and try it out before purchasing a big one..

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