Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April to May Makeup List

Hey everyone

I am back with 2 months beauty products that I bought..Been a really hectic month as hubby was moving out of Singapore to another country for work which obviously left me no time to do blogging at all..Been upto my neck with my son and my work..

Here is the photo of the products :

Currently I have kept myself on makeup band as I have already purchased quite a lot of stuff..Three to four products are yet to arrive from NYX brand and one product from Silkygirl.

 Chanel Kohl -  The best so far I have used and have been using this for like past four years and I keep  repurchasing this one everytime I run out of kohl..No other products so far can match this kohl.

Lake Eyeliner - Not a bad product so far but not going to repurchase this again..

Pricing : SGD 10

Loreal Color Riche - I am simply in love with the colors(not that bright though) and works best when applied with proper eyeshadow primer..Will give it a miss as I wanna try other eyeshadows available in the market.

Pricing : SGD 23.80

Loreal Super Liner - The staying power of this eyeliner is good but it aint smudgeproof..If u happy to cry and wipe ur tears,the line gets smudge..Just wished that Loreal made it smudgeproof.

Pricing : SGD 19

MAC Concealer - Color is right but not in love with this at all..Feel that I made a total big mistake of not checking out the reviews before buying..One big negativity in this for me is that it makes me break out into pimples so I now got to go find out another brand for concealer..Thinking of checking out MUFE(Make Up Forever)..It is becoming my fav no 1 brand for past few months..

Pricing : SGD 30

MAC Veronica Strawberry Malt - Done the review right here..Loving it totally..

Pricing : SGD 28

   Maybelline Extreme Long Stiletto - This mascara is called extreme long and it does what it claims..

   Pricing : SGD 26

 SAVEE EYESHADOW - Bought this for SGD 1/- when it was going on for sale.Not that shimmery as expected.

Pricing : SGD 1

Sleek Makeup Eyeshdaow (Ultra Matte V1)- Latest edition to the makeup family..Got it around 2 weeks back..Still exploring the colors..

Pricing : USD 9.99

 Stila Prime Pot - Not meant for oily lids..Does not seem to work on me..Any suggestions for eyeshadow primer for oily lids? Got this for free when hubby bought some cosmetics for me when he was working as SAP BW/BI Consultant at one of the distributors office.

   The Body Shop Blusher - Best one out there for me..

    Pricing : SGD 19

   Finally :


   NIXODERM - My true pimple saver..Cheap and works the best on my pimples.

   Pricing : SGD 3.80

That is all for my list for past two months..Shall be reviewing all the products one by one..

P.S. Finished everything from transferring photos from picasa to dekstop,editing and writing this article within 4hours and that too during office hours..Hehehehe..


  1. wow nice stuff:) do review the chanel kohl :)

    1. I will do that first since you asked for it girl :)

  2. Try TheBalm's Put A Lid On It for priming oily lids - mattifies them up and holds the shadow like mad...but takes a bit longer to dry than the rest.

    1. Few days back I bought the Urban Decay Primer Portion..Shall try that next but it has to be available in Singapore..