Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chanel Le Crayon Kohl by Chanel

It is TGIF already so I thought of doing a post today before winding up for weekend.I know I did say on FB that I will  blog on one makeup beauty but I didnt manage to as I was busy doing stuffs & meeting up with friends plus by the time I came home I had to fetch my son from school and next thing I knew I was having a nap while my maid bath my son..

The kohl I am going to write about today will be Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil.

It claims : 

"Create a sensual, intense eye look with ease. This smudgy, creamy-smooth eye pencil delivers a dose of decadent color that glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully. In an instant, eyes are perfectly lined, defined and contoured for a smoldering effect that’s absolutely irresistible."

Le Crayon Kohl is one kohl that I have been using for the past 2 yrs without fail..It usually last me for about 2 to 3 months depending on the usage.How I started loving this was one day I ran out of kohl to use and told mom to lend me hers.So when I tried it on,I fell in love with it..It was really very black and intense with just one application..It does not smudge for me though there are some who claims that it smudges and it just appears on ur eyes nicely.By the time I reach home,it usually disappears which I have no problem with unless otherwise I am going to go out.


  1. Do you have to sharpen it?. I prefer retractable ones...less pain n product wastage..