Thursday, July 25, 2013


Few days was in a real pissed off mood due to some fucked up problems..

I decided to go for lunch at PIzza Hut @ Funan IT Mall but when I entered,I saw a WATSONS sale going on and thought of just looking and not buying..The moment I saw NYX cosmetics & ELF,I decided to splurge a bit.I went through every single product and took second look at the one I was interested..I bought the following :

1) 2 NYX Jumbo Pencil(white matte & black - SGD 12.90 each)plus 1 sharperner (SGD 9.90) - multiple uses for it


2) 2 China Glaze Nail Polish (SGD 9.90) - Will be doing a look on it soon

3) ELF Total Face Brush - Was not planning to get it.I was leaning more to Real Techniques..


 4) ELF Brow Comb & Brush 

  5) ELF Smudge Eye Sponge - Feel this is a necessity if u wanna smudge ur eyeshadow


  6) Last but not least ELF Brightening Eye Color - looking for natural color (not shiny but matte)


   When I went to make the payment for these,I cannot believe that it came upto total of SGD 80..The NYX 
    Jumbo Pencil was a rip off,I could get that for SGD 4.50 each excluding shipping charges..A lesson learnt 
    learnt though not to go buy cosmetics or anything when we are in the wrong mood..



  1. Too much. They hardly cost 4 us could have not billed em..

    1. I paid with NETS not credit card..I could not remember the price at that time..I feel like screaming at that time..Damn!!!!