Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sleek MakeUp Blush Pixie Pink

I was browsing luxola website & was thinking to myself why don't I try Sleek Makeup Blush since I already purchased their eyeshadow and it was not a bad product.While browsing at the same time I was reading up reviews on the blush and decided to give this a go.I ordered it and got it the next day..I shall talk about my shopping experience with Luxola Singapore soon.

    Price : SGD 14 

    Description found on luxola website 

    Different blush colors for different skin tones and it is great value for money.

    My Take

    This blush is pinkish in color and it will look flattering on fair skin.Don't worry tanned skin girls, you can
    definitely give this a try before buying it to see if it suits you or not.As for dark skinned girls,I am really 
    sorry but I doubt it will suit you.

    When applying,start by applying a little then built upon it and stop when you feel that you have achieved 
     the look that you wanted.So this is definitely something not meant for beginners.Don't overapply if not you can end up looking like either something slapped you on the face or looking like a clown..

    The reason for me to love this is because I prefer wearing blushes that shows up on my cheeks rather than
    colors not showing up at all on my cheeks..Another good stuff about this will be that it last for around 3   
    hours before disappearing..If you have oily skin then this is one that you can try for.

    The only disappointment will be staying power will be longer.



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