Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Cream Wash + Squeaky Clean Scrub Review

Today's post is going to be on The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Cream Wash + Squeaky Clean Scrub Review. The packaging is shown in the photos below.

How I found out about the product was I passed by TBS one day after work & thought of going in to see if there was any products on sale to try.I went inside & saw this..I usually have the habit of asking few questions before buying any of the products plus I prefer checking it out on my own before been approached by a SA..I took this product and was scanning through when a SA came by and asked if I needed any help so I told about my skin & they said tea tree is the right product for blemised oily skin so I decided to try this and picked it up..Best thing was the original price was around SGD 60plus and since they just released this,members got it for SGD 30(cannot remember the price though).I felt really happy that I decided to explore this at the right timing because there is no way am I going to pay SGD 60 for this which I consider it to be way too expensive.

TBS Tea Tree Cool & Cream Wash 

The Body Shop Claim:

Our cool new cleansing sensation is the perfect wake-up call for blemished skin. Use daily for a velvety-soft cleanse with a blast of cool freshness

- Cool, creamy texture
- Designed for blemished skin
- Helps remove impurities

Price : SGD 20.90 for 100ml

The texture is creamy with white color plus it has tea tree smell which has this heavenly smell.

I tried out this wash for two days & so far it seems fine with my face..It has the cooling sensation after washing my face..The sad part of this will be that it last only for one hour or so and not the whole day.I love the cool clean squeaky feeling that I get with this.Relish that cool moment with TBS plus it does not lather up like other face wash that I have tried in the past..

Loved :

  • Sensation cool feeling
  • Comes in tube form
  • Cleanse my face very well
  • Does not lather much(i prefer it this way)

Cons :
  • Cool feeling is for an hour or so

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

The Body Shop Claim:

Effortlessly removes accumulated dirt and impurities of the day. Suspended within our vibrant cooling gel, specially selected exfoliants gently uproot impurities whilst caring bursting beads release their skin loving goodness.

  • Unclogs pores
  • Smoother & clearer skin
  • Non-drying

    Price : SGD 24.90 for 100ml

  • Sorry this pic is a bit blur

    I find it so difficult to find a good scrub that makes my face feel clean so I ventured into The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub.As you can see in the photo above that it is green in color and liquid type with very small particles that can only be felt when scrubbed on the face.

    I took a small amount for my face and applied on my face before scrubbing it and while scrubbing the face,you will be able to feel the menthol like feeling on ur face..It is like as if the scrub is taking away the impurities from your face and making it so clean again.After which,you wash the face with warm water and when you touch your face(esp areas like nose and other places where you feel it is rough),you will feel that it is soft to touch again..

    Loved :

    • Sensation cool feeling
    • Comes in tube form
    • Felt squeaky clean again

    Cons :
    • Wished the feeling was lasting

    Will I repurchase both of them again?For the face wash,I won't because I am satisfied with my current Forest Essentials Ubtan(which I have yet to review as I just got it 2 weeks back).

    As for the face scrub,I will definitely repurchase it..Worth all the while though feeling is less..

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