Thursday, October 17, 2013

NYX Jumbo Pencils

NYX was a brand I never knew that existed till I entered into cherryculture website.I saw the Jumbo Pencils and decided to read some reviews about them before buying.It is always best to read reviews before buying.

NYX Jumbo Pencil has 32 amazing colors to chose from though it is tempting to buy all 32 of them,I boughly only two of them : Milky White & Black Bean with the sharperner.

Left to Right Side : Milky White - Black Bean - Sharperner

Description :

In my own words,it can be used as eyeliner,eyeshadow or applied to the inner crease to brighten up your eyes or to make it look bigger. 

These pencils are a must have in your makeup for simple outings,office use or smokey effects for parties to glam up.

My Experience :

Milky white is a creamy transparent colors which can be layered up to make your eyes looks fresher and bigger.When applied to eyes,it melts right into your eyes and disappears totally.I have not used them as eyeshadow stand alone so I cannot comment on it as of yet.

If you want your eyeshadow to look more intensified, apply your eyeshadow primer (like UD,Too Faced Insurance) then apply this Milky White then your eyeshadow & most of the colors will show up pretty well.Not only that but for oily lids,the eyeshadow color stays for long time as well..It did work for my oily lids and stayed up for mostly 8hours.

I also used this Milky White as eyeliner.I loved how easily it glided onto my eyes.Only disappointment is that it does not stay as long as expected.It only lasted 1hour on my lids though it did not completely disappear.There will be a before and after photo of this when I use it next time.

As for Black Bean,it is a intensify black color that is great for smokey effects.

Price : USD 4.50 (Cherry culture is having a discount going on so go grab them right away.Price after discount : USD 3.50)

  • Can be used as eyeliner 
  • Layers up pretty well
  • 32 colors to chose from


  • Not long lasting for eyeliner especially oily lid girls

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