Thursday, November 28, 2013

LUSH Volcano Foot Mask

I knew there was face mask but never knew that foot mask..I know some of you will be gasping that where on earth are you living and you don't know the existence of the foot mask?I seriously did not know at all but once I got to know about it,you could say I was in luck.I did not get it by my own but my sister asked me what I wanted to for my birthday and I told that I want LUSH Volcano Foot Mask.She said fine and in the end she got me the Foot Mask and a Body Lotion.Continue reading to see if I like it or not.

What Lush says about the Foot Mask :

- Fresh Papayas and lemon juices meant for cleansing

- Tomatoes,potatoes and anti-fungal essential oils remove odor and foot gremlins

- Spice up your life : Stimulating cinnamon leaf oil leaves your feet tingling

- Ten Toes Up       :  A totally refreshing and transformative experience

- Rough stuff          : Pumice is great exfoliant to remove the dead skin on our feet 

How to use it :

Slather on our thick kaolin and pumice Volcano Foot Mask to draw out the impurities and dirt from our feet and remove rough skin.After ten minutes,scrub off the foot mask for a baby like soft skin feet.

This photo is taken from LUSH website

My Feet Experience :

I am someone who used to wear a lot of strap slippers and sometimes I do wear flats too..Because of this,my feet skin had this dark mark of the strap left on my right feet.Ontop of that,I have cracked heels on both my feet and no matter what products I tried did not seem to help to improve my cracked heels.

This is how my feet looked like before applying the mask

How I used it will be I take certain amount of mask onto my hands and apply to my feet.

After which I tie using a plastic bag to my leg and rest for around 20 minutes though it did say 10 minutes.While waiting for the time to be up,I could feel that burning sensation plus the feet been cleaned up from dirt.

After which I go to the bathroom,remove the plastic bag and start to rub the mask off with water running under the tap.While rubbing the foot mask,I could see dirt coming out from my feet and my feet becoming a lot brighter than before.After that,apply foot lotion or like how I did was to use Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion to moisturise my feet.

See this photo to believe it.I can guarantee you that there is no gimmick or anything to it.

Where to buy from :

  1. Lush Sg website which includes delivery charges
  2. You could head down to the Lush Stores which is at Orchard or Suntec City
Price : SGD 21 for 125g


  • Made up of mostly natural ingredients(my number one favourite)
  • Cleared off most of my feet mark within the first use
  • Soften the skin
  • Finished my tube and brightened up my feet a lot

  • Have to finish it within a month

Final Verdict :

I will definitely repurchase it.As I am drafting this blog,I just finished it around 2hrs back.I am waiting for my next outing on Saturday to get that plus a foot lotion again.

Another thing is that LUSH has written on the tub is use 5 tubs or tubes and exchange it for a fresh face mask for free.I am done with this one and I will be getting the next one plus I have a body lotion tub to finish..


  1. ooh Im feet is tanned...

  2. You should definitely try this..I am so happy that the mark is gone..I am definitely buying this again..Only thing is that it has to be used within 3weeks..