Monday, December 16, 2013


Where I got it :

Sister bought it for my birthday from Lush Singapore store. Price is SGD 43 per 225g

What I got : 

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion of 225g.

What Lush says about this :

It is the perfect lotion to put on before the festive mood begins.Cocoa butter and almond oil will replenish and moisturize the skin.It is full of fragrance, rich and creamy.This is one of our first preservatives free lotions. 

What is my thought :

I love the smell of the lotion which has citrus smell in it.The creamy texture and the way it gets absorbed into my skin once I apply it onto my hands and body is really smooth though it can get bit greasy if you apply way too much.

I am not so bothered about the greasy part because I am so in love with this product and the smell does linger around for quite a long time..Imagine applying this in the morning and by the time you come back home,you still can smell this on your hand..One last thing before the sad part,this tub should last you for 4 months unless you are someone who uses a lot daily.As for me,I have been used it since November 2013 & now it is December 16th and it has not even reached half the tube yet.

Only sad thing is I am not sure if they will be keeping this limited edition product.

Feel the smoothness

AVAILABILITY : Lush Singapore stores or Lush Sg Online

Once this is over,I will be trying other body lotion from LUSH though this is my HG body lotion for now.

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