Saturday, December 21, 2013

NYX Matte Lipstick "Shocking Pink"

Today I will be reviewing about NYX Matte Lipstick in the color of "SHOCKING PINK".

I got this lipstick through in May 2013 and I am only reviewing it now.I have no idea why I did not review it till now..I could have missed out on this.

Coming to the product,it is a matte lipstick which comes in 22 different colors from red to brown to pink to orange.I choose pink since I don't own one in that shade.

The texture of this is a bit creamy after applying lip balm.I apply it in the morning and by lunch time it is half gone and require touch ups after few hours.I won't say that the staying power is really great(which I found other bloggers to say is really great) and I am pondering where did I go wrong??For me the staying power will be around 4hours to 5hours.I love the color because it is great to wear it for work and party.

As of now,I have one nude from TBS,one pink from cherry cultrue,one red from NYX & one lipgloss from Burts Bees.A caution before I proceed will be that this lipstick is not at all meant for those with severe dry lips even if you apply with lipbalm and for those with dry lips can try using a lipbalm and see how it works out for you..


  • Will work for those with dry lip(make sure to scrub the lips and use lip liner)
  • Many other colors available

  • Not many girls will be daring enough to try this color out
  • Severe dry lip girls kindly stay away from this
  • Don't find it to be moisturising

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